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Known primarily for its use in the blogging community, WordPress is a much-loved content management system and blogging platform. 24% of websites published today using WordPress as a host platform, making it highly successful. However, it isn’t the only possible CMS around. So why should you choose WordPress over its competitors?

Why Use WordPress In Web Design

Ease of use

WordPress is known for being user-friendly and relatively simple to learn. Its learning curve is, on average, very short, making it a good choice for use on the back end of a B2B website. This means that regardless of their technological know-how or skills, nearly anyone in a company or partnership can easily learn how to use and update a website that uses WordPress.

Pairs well with SEO

In addition to being easy to use, WordPress is also good for SEO. Its basic coding and markup processes follow the same rules or “general practices” that SEO does, making the two meld well.

There are a handful of useful plugins that can be attached to WordPress websites that can manage data from SEOas well. Together, these factors make it easy for search engines to analyze and rank your WordPress hosted website.


Compared to many other CMS on the market, WordPress boasts unmatched affordability. It is cost-effective and affordable enough for most small business owners and freelancers to use without breaking the bank. Upkeep and general maintenance are affordableas most updates can be done by yourself instead of through a professional.

Seamless social media integration

WordPress is great for social media integration. When used for website themes, WordPress allows users to seamlessly and simultaneously update all of their connected social media accounts. This makes managing various accounts easy and quick.

It also means that content from different social media sites can be used within the WordPress hosted websites without much trouble, timeor effort.

Custom design options

WordPress boasts numerous useful plugins that allow users to customize some different areas of their site. Through plugins, you can optimize each page’s metadata,
Install a caching tool to make pages load faster, and embed forums.

Essentially, there is a plugin for every one of your WordPress needs. On top of it, these plugins are free, which makes customizing your website the way you want it a quick and easy process that can be done with a bit of practice and patience.

WordPress also hosts several different built-in themes that you can choose from, many of which can be optimized and customized using the added settings on the site. Some of the themes do cost, but just as many are free to use.

Worldwide support

With WordPress being such a popular platform, there are millions of loyal users around the globe. In addition to having technical support in several languages and countries, there are also dozens of public chat forums related to the platform and its technicalities.

WordPress creators regularly roll out new updates and when they do, users are always notified so that they can keep their websites running at their full potential. Should there be a problem with these updates, support systems are in place to help.

Compatible with various types of media

WordPress gives its users unlimited creative freedom. This includes freedom with the media that can be used. WordPress supports audio and video clips, and images. Thanks to social media integration, tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and files from Soundcloud can be embedded.

When choosing a platform to host your website, WordPress should be considered. It’s user-friendly and simple to navigate, it’s great for SEO purposes, and isn’t too pricey. Also, it boasts seamless social media integration, is almost fully customizable, and has a large, international support system.

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