About Us

Creative. Actionable. Passionate. Responsive.

These are just a few of the terms our clients have used to describe the designers who make up the TOLS Multimedia Design team. We’re energized by your business and propelled by your success. Allow us to help you make your web presence be everything you want it to be.

Julie Adams
SEO Specialist

Julie, a long-trusted family friend, joined the team in 2012. Stephan, seeing the potential and hard work ethic, and knowing her incredible personality and entrepreneurial spirit, brought her on board. Julie is now our SEO guru and Production Manager; she is the workhorse that drives your business behind the scenes.

Matt Fenoff
Senior Account Strategist

Matt graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in English – Creative Writing. He joined TOLS Multimedia in 2014 bringing with him experience gained from working with two prior SEO companies; his substantial knowledge is still used to this day at TOLS Multimedia. Matt is straightforward and well balanced, making him a valuable asset as an account strategist. He keeps the connections we have with our clients, making sure that they are taken well care of and their needs are fulfilled.

Melanie Boehringer
Billing & Human Resources

Melanie attended Florida Atlantic University where she received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree. After graduating, she primarily worked in managerial positions in which she realized she had a particular interest in start-up companies and helping them grow. Her experience with a variety of business situations has given her a great knowledge in prioritizing, planning, and anticipating individual’s needs. Melanie makes sure our books are straight, manages our billing department and tries to keep us all in line.

David Mercatante
Junior Account Strategist

David is a graduate from the University of Central Florida who obtained a BS in Marketing in 2016. Taking what he has learned from his Marketing studies and prior experiences, David excels at Marketing strategy as well as communicating and being open with anyone that he meets. His dedication to always learning and being adaptive to any situation helps him complete any task that is thrown at him.

Jen Wheeler
Marketing & Sales Director

Jen joined TOLS Multimedia in the early stages. She received her BS in Marketing from the University of South Florida in 2010, and became part of our team in 2011. Jen has taken on just about every role at TOLS Multimedia as she worked her way up. Now she is charge of promoting our company and maintaining our brand image.

Frank Ramirez
Web Development Manager

Frank comes to us with many years of website and graphic design experience. He is a graduate of Winter Park Tech, earning his degree in Web Development. As a creative, compassionate and helpful soul, and a father of two young girls, Frank is surely prepared to tackle anything a client will throw at him.

James White
Social Media Development

James was welcomed to our team in 2018. His core knowledge of Social Media marketing and quality content development allows us to serve our clients with greater precision.  James is kind-hearted, hard working and always ready to tackle a challenge.  While he is soft-spoken, don’t be fooled by his tenacious work ethic. A great way to bribe James is to bring him a donut from Donut King.

Stephan Boehringer
Managing Partner

Always an entrepreneur, Stephan was never content working for other people. He spent time working for a well-established company, but decided that his time was better spent working on his own ventures. In 2002, after dealing with a frustrating web design project for the company he was working for, he decided to create a web development agency that people could trust. Over time that business grew into what TOLS Multimedia is today. He was aware of the challenges he had to face, and Google hasn’t always made it easy, but his passion for helping his clients kept him moving forward.

Chief Morale Officer

Banana, a rescue from Sanford, Florida was adopted by the TOLS Multimedia team in early 2017. Since then, she has proven her unmatched ability to provide moral support to all team members even in times of crisis. Her positive attitude and adorable demeanor has earned her eternal “Employee of The Month” status.

Our Culture

We strive to stay ahead of the curve – so that you stay ahead of the curve.
Sure we can show you photos of us having a great time, but what we couldn’t show you is the blood, sweat and tears that we put into development, design, implementing internal systems, and tweaking our processes.
We strive to do all of this in the name of delivering superior service. We know the quality of our work hinges on your success. We can’t take that lightly.

If you feel that our team has got what it takes to make your next website a raging success, then pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to chat with you.

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