Our Work

Our work is our difference. We take a very structured approach to the development of our work.

The first step in this process is the gathering of detailed information. After all, how can we fuse our clients wishes with a high-tech environment unless we understand their expectations? We do this by completing our Design and Marketing Spec Sheet (DMSS). Once the DMSS is completed, we develop a detailed blueprint. Following this blueprint development, we begin laying the foundation to design a site according to our clients wishes, while guiding our clients through the maze of internet confusion. A clear goal-driven objective needs to be adhered to. Upon design development, a detailed marketing plan is developed. As part of the marketing plan, we aid in the development of content. Content is only as good as the search engines who read it. Thus, much attention is paid to the development of such. During this content development, our team of programmers codes the website. Throughout this coding period, items such as flash programming, credit card integration, content translation, SSL certificates and email accounts are setup. Upon all development completion, alpha and beta testing commences. Once this testing period concludes, the client approves the final project and the website launches. Please contact us for any questions.

  • Case Studies
  • LMS / CMS / CRM
  • Database
  • E-Commerce