Web Design Trends of 2019 and 2020

Web designers are constantly discovering, utilizing and creating new web design trends in order to bring traffic to their websites and catch the attention of their viewers.

These new ideas bring about the different trends that enhances the creativity that goes into designing websites.To provide some insight on some of the best and most creative designs that designers use to improve the overall quality of their websites, here are some of the biggest web design trends of 2019 and 2020.

2019 and 2020 Web Design Trends

Involved Illustrations

Some websites have cute, quirky, or detailed illustrations all over their pages in order to be more engaging with visitors. Involved illustrations combined with animation tend to help capture the attention of visitors on the website while simultaneously helping to communicate with them.

Some illustrated animations even help with communication purposes when they are utilized as secondary features.


Gradients were used to replace flat colors and add some high quality depth to images and website designs. This helps to increase visual appeal. Website designers use gradients to help give color and depth to the backgrounds of their websites in a way that visually pleases users. Or they use it as an extra form of functionality that makes websites easier to use.

The new generation of gradients that many website designers currently use can be either loud or more muted depending on the colors they use. But they both use a single light source and up to two colors to incorporate visual appeal.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are utilized as visual dividers for different sections of the website And they are now being used in more interesting ways to contribute to the overall visual appeal of some websites.

Geometric shapes can be used to evoke various types of style, and they can be combined with other designing trends such as gradients or different kinds of fonts to really bring out the visual appeal of their design and placement.

You can look for inspiration for unique geometric designs practically anywhere. Most website designers usually gain most of their inspiration from different aspects of nature

Bold Fonts

You might notice that one of the first things on websites that tend to grab your attention is the headline. Designers are finding many different ways to make the hero headlines more interesting in order to capture the attention of visitors.

One way they are able to do this is with bold fonts. Bold fonts can help the headline become both a center of visual appeal. They can also serve as a visual aid to help visitors see where they need to go and highlight the more important features of what they are looking for.

Not everything on the website should be in heavy bold fonts. But it would be visually pleasing to have the headline and subheadings in bold to help visitors focus on the topic and important information.

Dark Mode

Many designers implement dark mode to make their websites more visually appealing and easier on the eyes as opposed to pages with lighter themes and bright colors. It also helps to save battery power and fits into many modern aesthetics that many users enjoy.

Many websites even allow their user to switch dark mode on or off while they are browsing their pages. This gives them a sense of personalization and helps to give them an easier time reading their content with less harsh lighting.

This feature provides a new sense of accessibility to those who may have a harder time reading with bright screens or in bright environments.

Luminous Color Schemes

Website designers combine luminous color schemes with many other factors such as music or brand logos in order to catch the attention of their visitors and give their brands a memorable design. Creative color schemes help make the web designs on some pages appear as though they are jumping off the screen. This adds to the visual appeal that many people seem to pay attention to and enjoy. With the rise of dark mode as another growing web design trend, luminous color schemes can be used to really stand out amongst the crowd.

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Each web design trend opens doors to endless possibilities for creativity, inclusivity, and accessibility for everyone. As creativity increases with different design styles, new amazing trends are sure to arise both in the near and far future.

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