How to Unpublish WordPress Site

Wordpress is a hosting site that is one of the quickest and easiest ways to publish your writing to the public. There may be times where you may not be ready to have your content published for the public to see. In that case, you can change the status of your post from “Published” to “Draft”. That way, only you will be able to go into maintenance mode and edit it as much as you need. Here are simple steps on how to Unpublish your posts on WordPress.

Steps to Unpublish WordPress Site

Step One

The first thing you need to do is open a new Web browser window. From that window, you will need to sign in to your WordPress dashboard.

Step Two

Navigate to the main menu and click “Posts”. Find the post that you want to unpublish. It will automatically take you to the “Edit Post” screen where you will be able to take control of what you do with the post. Click on “Edit” and change the status of the post to “Draft”.

Step Three

Click “OK” then “Update” to officially change your post from published to unpublished. From that point on, only you will be able to see that particular post until you choose to have it published again.

Controlling Who Sees Your Posts

If you only want to show your posts on WordPress to a select few people, it is also possible to do that by making the status of the post “Private”. That way, you can keep your post up while also controlling who does and does not see your post. This process is also as easy as switching your post to a draft.

To control who sees your posts, log in to your WordPress dashboard and select “Posts”. After that, selecting “All Posts” will take you to where you can change the visibility status of your posts. Select any of the posts you want to change to a more private setting and use the “Quick Edit” function to change “Visibility” to “Private”.

Add the email address of the people you want to on your posts. This way, no one will be able to use search engines to see your content. If you want a post to remain published but want to keep it off of your blog, use the WP Hide Post plugin.


Unpublishing your posts on WordPress is a simple process. You will enjoy having the freedom of being able to control your content and who can see your content. Even if you choose to not completely unpublish your work, you will still be able to protect it by choosing who can see it or password protecting it for a certain amount of people.

You should be aware that doing this may not solve all of your issues, but it will still give your content the amount of protection you need. While changing the setting of your content to private or unpublished after a certain amount of time may not have prevented it from being seen or copied in the past, it will certainly restrict anyone else from being able to access the content you do not want others to see.

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