How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post

A featured image is a theme feature in WordPress that works as a thumbnail for your post, and there are many themes to choose from. Many people would be interested in knowing how to remove or hide the featured images from their posts. Here is a guide on how to hide a featured image from your WordPress posts.

Hiding Featured Image in WordPress Post

Why is Hiding the Featured Image Important?

For some people, the featured image could make a great thumbnail for their posts and attract people who may be interested. In other instances, however, it will only give their websites a more cluttered appearance. Therefore, hiding the featured image would be a great benefit to many writers.

Steps to Help You Hide Featured Images

Some plugins use CSS codes and admin panels that will help you serve whatever you need for your posts. A plugin called Hide Featured Image is highly recommended as it is easy to use and does the job well. This plugin also works with custom post types with featured image support. Here are the steps to take to use it.

Step One

The first step is to find the plugin and get an understanding of how it works based on some customer reviews and plugin information. The performance and quality are some key features to keep an eye out for when you are searching for an effective plugin.

Step Two

The next step is to simply install the plugin and activate it. Once it has been successfully activated, you will be able to use a sort of admin panel that will help you control your dashboard.

Step Three

Find the “Post” section on your dashboard to find the post you want to edit and hide the featured image from. There will be an option to “Show/Hide Featured Image” further down the page. Select the “Hide Featured Image” potion and save your updated options.

Choosing a Plugin

Unpublishing your posts on WordPress is a simple process. You will enjoy having the freedom of being able to control your content and who can see your content. Even if you choose to not completely unpublish your work, you will still be able to protect it by choosing who can see it or password protecting it for a certain amount of people.

You should be aware that doing this may not solve all of your issues, but it will still give your content the amount of protection you need. While changing the setting of your content to private or unpublished after a certain amount of time may not have prevented it from being seen or copied in the past, it will certainly restrict anyone else from being able to access the content you do not want others to see.


Use the Hide Featured Image plugin to your advantage. You’ll be able to prevent your WordPress dashboard from appearing cluttered. Remember that hiding the featured image using the plugin will not delete the image from your media library.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not you want to hide the images from your posts. You even have the option to choose which posts you want to hide the images from and which ones you want to keep the images for.

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