Why Chat Is so Important for Your Website?

Whether you are a large business, small business, or an informational website, you know the importance of staying in contact with your audience and clientele. While social media can be a great way to connect with your customers and humanize your business, it can be difficult to connect one-on-one. Phone calls have been the go-to for customer service, but most people dread those calls and avoid them as much as possible.

To really connect with people individually and allow them a chance to reach out to you, a chat feature on your website is the way to go.

Why Chat is so Important for Your Website

Chat is not exactly a new feature for websites, yet many sites have still not incorporated the chat option. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should build a chat function into your site, consider all these benefits.

More Customer Service Options

Customers looking for help are likely to be having difficulty in some way with your site or product. While some customers may prefer the phone or email route, having the chat feature there too allows them to choose the method that best fits them.

Greater Satisfaction Levels

The chat feature works to both help solve problems with orders, and answer any questions a potential customer might have about your website. On average, studies found that those who used the chat option were generally satisfied 73 percent of the time. Satisfaction drops to 61 percent when they use email methods, and just 44 percent when using the phone.

More Convenient

The chat box is not only convenient for the visitor of your site, but for the person responding as well. You can communicate in real time and the text eliminates misunderstandings that may be had over the phone. This allows you to check information and the client to perform tasks recommended without the need to hold a phone.

Easier to Communicate

The written word makes it much easier to communicate with a larger number of people at once. As a new person views your site, a chat box can pop up to offer assistance with navigation or and questions they may have.

One of your employees can talk to more that one person at a time via chat, making it easy to reach a larger number of people. It can also help eliminate issues like poor reception, language barriers, accents, or difficulty holding the phone while trying to do as instructed. This method can even help eliminate any racial bias that someone may have when talking to someone in customer service by allowing anonymity.

Conversations Can Be Saved

Whether it is for your business records or your potential customer to refer to later, the entire conversation can be saved. That means there is no need to try to write down notes as you go or remember everything that was discussed. Simply just scroll through the chat to see everything discussed.

Saves You Money

Chat options can greatly help to save you and your company money, while still satisfying your customers and site visitors. That is because one person can be handling multiple queries at once and can easily transfer your visitor to another person without losing the connection. If a customer does need to be transferred for greater help, the conversation is already there for the new support agent to read, rather than making the customer repeat themselves all over again.

You can also use a chatbot to answer more common questions to decrease the amount of people going straight to the support agent. This can help direct them to easy solutions, or allow them to select to go to an agent for further help. That means you can greatly limit your time on customer service, decreasing the amount of people needed for the job.

Increased Sales

On average, over 30 percent of people that visit a site that uses chat will purchase something after talking with an agent. Having that support there to answer questions and provide guidance can make them feel more comfortable making a purchase and returning to buy more in the future.


With the chat function, there is no call waiting frustration, email response wait time, or any other inconveniences. The wait time to talk to someone through the chat is minutes at most, and responses once you join the chat are almost instantaneous. There is also no need to repeat yourself, since everything is logged clearly to refer back to. That means the overall time it takes to answer questions and solve the customer’s problems can be minutes long and leave both sides feeling accomplished.

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In Summary

To provide your site’s visitors with the best possible experience, you need to incorporate a chat option. While you do not need to forego the phone call option, having the chat feature available will give your clients more options, allowing them to go with what is most convenient and comfortable for them.

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